Oyster Hotel Reviews Launches Independent, Expert Hotel Reviews for the Hawaiian Islands

Leading Online Resource For Unbiased Hotel Reviews Will Add Editorial Coverage And Undoctored Photos Of More Than 100 Hawaii Hotels

NEW YORK, NY October 6, 2009 - Oyster Hotel Reviews (www.oyster.com) launched its Hawaii coverage today, bringing clarity and authority to the difficult task of choosing the perfect hotel in the Aloha State. The site now includes nearly 100 reviews and upwards of 30,000 photos taken by Oyster's staff reporters of Hawaii's Hotels including Maui Hotels, Kauai Hotels, Waikiki Hotels and Oahu Hotels.

With fall's drop in temperature comes travelers' desire to get away from the winter's chill and head somewhere warm. Hawaii beckons, and with hundreds of photos per hotel and comprehensive reviews written by reporters who stayed in the hotels and swam in their pools, Oyster makes it easier and less risky than ever to visit the tropical, pacific state. Oyster gives tourists all the information they need to select the Hawaii hotel best suited to their needs.

Readers are able to search hotels by category, price, special amenities, and tens of other features that Oyster reporters have verified during their hotel stays. Oyster's meticulously compiled "best-of" lists include hotels that are the "most family-friendly," "best values," and "hidden gems." In addition, Oyster created award lists that highlight noteworthy features like the "best hotel spas" and "best hotel rooms."

The Hawaii coverage is in addition to the many hundreds of reviews and tens of thousands of photos that Oyster has already published for its coverage of New York hotels, Las Vegas hotels, Miami hotels, Aruba hotels, Jamaica hotels, and the Dominican Republic hotels. Oyster's large reporting team is currently out covering many more vacation destinations; more great vacation spots will be added in the months ahead, including Los Angeles and San Francisco in November of this year.

Oyster Hotel Reviews has spent the past 19 months dispatching its staff of experienced journalists (whose credentials include time at the New York Times, Men's Journal, Money magazine, The Village Voice, and Conde Nast Traveler, among other publications) to stay in hotels anonymously while systematically evaluating the properties and taking hundreds of photos of every hotel.

"Hotel stays usually account for the biggest portion of your travel expenses, but a hotel is not something that you can return if you're not happy when you arrive" says Oyster CEO and Co-Founder, Elie Seidman. "Hawaii is an amazing place to vacation but it's a long trip and a great expense. With dollars and time ever more precious these days, travelers want to reduce their risk as much as possible before they spend their money on a hotel. Because Oyster's in-depth reviews are written by professional journalists who sleep in the beds and swim in the pools at upwards of a hundred or more hotels each year, our readers know what they're going to get before they book their rooms," added Seidman.

About Oyster Hotel Reviews

Financed by Bain Capital Ventures and led by an accomplished and experienced management team, Oyster Hotel Reviews is the first and only company dedicated to publishing objective, in-depth reviews, written by trained journalists, of the world's hotels. Oyster Hotel Reviews adheres to the highest editorial standards; it does not accept compensation or incentives from hotels, and pays for all travel expenses. Hotels cannot pay to be reviewed nor can they influence the reviews in any way. Scott Medintz, a former Senior Editor of Money magazine, is Oyster's Executive Editor. Management includes Microsoft alum Eytan Seidman, formerly of Live Search (now Bing.com); and two highly accomplished serial entrepreneurs, Ariel Charytan and Elie Seidman.


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