Richard L. -- Oyster Reporter

Richard L. has been knocking around for a while, from Southeast Asia to South Central Los Angeles. He's done Hollywood (onset carpenter to screenwriter) and Madison Ave. (agency executive) and has no regrets. He's lived on both Coasts and points in between, as well as Paris and a village in Charente Maritime. He hopes to eventually retire to a pokey Shasta trailer parked alongside a sulfurous hot spring.

  • Hotels Reviewed: 14
  • Hometown: Newark, N.J.
  • Places Lived: Many
  • Education: B.A. George Washington University; M.F.A. Columbia University
  • Prior Experience: Media Magazine, Cineaste, Ad Week, Advertising Age, Penthouse, Hustler, among others.
  • My Favorite Hotel: Paris Las Vegas. It's all in the name; it has that certain je ne se quoi. The Vegas Strip has always been somewhat outré and Pigalle-ish; well now Pigalle or a facsimile thereof is actually in town and under a faux Eiffel Tower no less. This is Paris without the arrogance and snobbery, also without the petit chevre and vin de pays. N'importe quoi. Vivre Las Vegas!
Paris Las Vegas


Paris Las Vegas

This 2,916-room, City of Lights-themed hotel pulls in families with campy French attractions and a prime location across from the Bellagio. Standard rooms are disappointingly un-French, and the buffet is overhyped -- but it's easy to be romanced by the cool Eiffel Tower pool and affordable room rates.

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