Amstel, Amsterdam Travel Guide

Amstel Summary


  • Wide open spaces, with tree-lined parks and broad boulevards
  • Gorgeous views of the river
  • Family-friendly area, with a zoo and numerous kid-friendly museums
  • Upscale hotels
  • Quaint towns
  • Auschwitz memorial
  • Budget accommodation options in the southern region


  • Parts of the neighborhood are out of the way, and far from major sights
  • Especially in the northern region, hotels can be very expensive

What It's Like

Amstel refers to the numerous small towns and neighborhoods situated along the Amstel River. Though parts of it can be a bit out of the way and far from Amsterdam's attractions, the more northern areas have museums, parks, restaurants, and top-notch hotels.

In the 17th century, Amstel was built as an outdoor playground for the rich. Thus, it has a more open feel than the rest of the city, with wide streets, numerous parks, and a gorgeous zoo, featuring an aquarium dating back to the early 1800s. Amstel is also home to a moving Auschwitz memorial and several family-friendly museums. Families looking for a little activity can bike along the river and check out the quaint towns along Amstel's banks.

Where To Stay

There are numerous upscale hotels in Amstel, overlooking the river, and most luxury hotels are situated in the northern region of the neighborhood. However, there are several more wallet-friendly hotels that are in the southern region, but they can often feel out of the way, and far from major sights. Amstel is a popular choice for families and business travelers.


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Languages: Dutch
Airports: Amsterdam Airport Schipol
Peak: June - August
Off-Peak: November - February
Visa: Varies; visitors from the United States, Canada and Europe do not need a visa
Vaccines: No
Currency: Euro
Electricity: 230 V, 50 Hz
Tipping: In restaurants a service charge is included in the bill. For exceptional service an extra 10% is appreciated.

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