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De Pijp, Amsterdam, Netherlands

De Pijp Summary


  • Quaint area, with a sunny park and some shop-lined streets
  • A famous outdoor market
  • The Heineken Experience, in the former Heineken brewery
  • Lots of ethnic cuisine, including Korean
  • Within walking distance of numerous museums
  • Hotels are (generally) less expensive than those in the nearby Canal Ring


  • Most attractions are a tram ride away

What It's Like

In Amsterdam's southern district, just south of the Canal Ring and a short walk from the Museum Quarter, De Pijp is a quaint, working class neighborhood. Its park, Sarphatipark, and its outdoor market are most popular during the summertime, when visitors can grab tasty treats at the market and then picnic in the park. But throughout the year, the neighborhood attracts tourists with its many ethnic restaurants (the area is known for having great Korean food), shops, and several attractions including the Heineken Experience (at the former Heineken brewery). For attractions in the city center, however, guests will have to take a tram.

Where To Stay

There are not a ton of hotels in the area, but De Pijp is a good option for those hoping to be close to the Museum Quarter or the picturesque Canal Ring, without having to pay Canal Ring prices.


Map of Hotels -- De Pijp, Amsterdam

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Languages: Dutch
Airports: Amsterdam Airport Schipol
Peak: June - August
Off-Peak: November - February
Visa: Varies; visitors from the United States, Canada and Europe do not need a visa
Vaccines: No
Currency: Euro
Electricity: 230 V, 50 Hz
Tipping: In restaurants a service charge is included in the bill. For exceptional service an extra 10% is appreciated.

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