Photo of the Week: The bridge at Tensing Pen, Jamaica

The bridge at Tensing Pen hotel, Jamaica
The bridge at Tensing Pen hotel, Jamaica

We're kicking off this week -- and this year! -- with a simple, beautiful post. If this doesn't make you smile through your Monday-morning-still-hung-over glum, we're not sure what will. Here's to all the great 2011 travel experiences to come, hopefully like the one above!

The above photograph was taken at Tensing Pen, an intimate collection of 17 cottages (22 guest rooms total) in Negril, Jamaica, where guests come to unplug and enjoy the breathtaking cliffs. The hotel is home to the bridge pictured here, from which guests can plunge into the sea below, if they dare. Take a peek at this bridge lit up at night, or see all of our photos of Tensing Pen.

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