Foto Friday: Name Your Price!

Spring (and St. Patty's Day!) are just around the corner, and there's nothing we look forward to more than lush greenery, open skies, and a nice wool sweater, making Ireland the perfect place to experience the new season. Before going on our Irish adventure, however, we have to find the right place to stay for our budget.

Ireland may have some gorgeous hotels, but for a truly Gaelic experience, visitors can stay in a number of historic castles. Two of the best options on the island are the Ballynahinch Castle in Connermara and Ashford Castle in County Mayo. Even though both are great options, they come at two very different prices. Ballynahinch is located along a stunning river and has homey, country decor. The 18th-century castle also boasts gourmet on-site cuisine and plenty of modern amenities inside its comfy rooms. Ashford Castle, another historic, unspoiled property, also sits along a lovely riverfront location, a spa, and gorgeous rooms with views to match. Even though Ballynahinch may not have the luxury touches that Ashford Castle has, the price can't be beat!

Can you tell which is which? Ballynahinch's high-end rooms start at €135 per night, whereas same-level Ashford rooms start at a steeper €655 per night. Check out the rooms each hotel offers, take a guess in the comments section below, and then find the answer after the jump!

Option 1
Option 1

Option 2

Option 1 is the steal-of-a-deal Ballynahinch Castle in the serene Connemara countryside, and Option 2 is the ritzy Ashford Castle in gorgeous County Mayo!


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