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Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Palermo Summary


  • Easy access to Jorge Newbery Airport and the famous Buenos Aires polo field
  • Home to Bosques de Palermo, an area covered by gardens, parks and lakes
  • Palermo Chico, with its elegant mansions and embassies
  • Several subway stops in the neighborhood
  • MALBA museum, with a great collection of contemporary Latin American art
  • Hopping Las Canitas is one of the safest neighborhoods in central Buenos Aires
  • Beautiful architecture, from Parisian-style buildings to renovated warehouses
  • Wonderful shopping and dining scene


  • Bosques de Palermo turns into the Red Light District at night
  • Few tourist attractions as such (but great for walking around and for dining)
  • Some areas are far from the subway, especially the northern part of the neighborhood

What It's Like

Palermo is one of the largest neighborhoods in Buenos Aires, and encompasses several other sub-neighborhoods that have their own character and flavor. Palermo Viejo (which is further divided into Palermo Soho and Palermo Hollywood) is the most hopping and vibrant area, and the rest of the neighborhood (known as just Palermo, or Alto Palermo), is home to areas such as Palermo Chico, Bosques de Palermo, and Las Canitas, though the latter is sometimes considered an entire other neighborhood, or even part of Belgrano.

Bosques de Palermo is the Central Park of Buenos Aires, with beautiful vast gardens, parks and lakes, and is home to the Botanical Gardens, the Zoo and the Planetarium. As kid-friendly as it may seem, parents should be aware that this area turns into the Red Light District at night, though during the daytime it's safe and quiet.

Palermo Chico, located south of Jorge Newbery Airport, is an upscale area with gorgeous architecture and refined embassies. This neighborhood is home to the Buenos Aires Museum of Latin American Art (MALBA), which houses an interesting collection of contemporary Latin American art.

Las Canitas, located right by the polo field, used to be a military area and it still preserves the buildings used by the high ranks of the Army back in the day. It is one of the safest neighborhoods in central Buenos Aires, and though mostly untouched by tourism, it is one of the most hopping and trendy areas, with great shopping, dining and nightlife.

Palermo Viejo has been in the spotlight for some years now and has largely overshadowed Alto Palermo. However, Alto Palermo is a great place to explore on foot, and is quieter than its bustling neighbor. The large green spaces and the residential districts make for a more relaxed experience of bustling Buenos Aires.

Where To Stay

The southern part of the Alto Palermo neighborhood is closer to lively Palermo Viejo and the subway, so those who want to explore the area on foot or take public transportation might want to consider staying south of Avenida Santa Fe. For those who prefer a quieter location, upscale Palermo Chico is possibly a good option, but note that there aren't many tourist attractions in the area besides the beautiful architecture and the MALBA.


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Languages: Spanish
Airports: Ezeiza International Airport
Aeroparque Jorge Newbery
Vaccines: No
Electricity: 220 V, 50 Hz
Tipping: 10% at restaurants (preferably in cash)
Peak: Dec - Feb

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