Glendale, Denver Travel Guide

Glendale Summary


  • Hotels are usually less expensive than those in other parts of Denver
  • Only one square mile, Glendale is a very walkable area
  • In the center of Denver
  • Lively (but often seedy) nightlife
  • Home to Infinity Park
  • Hosts an uber-popular Fourth of July fireworks show


  • Farther from most of Denver's tourist attractions
  • Seedy (but often lively) nightlife
  • Mostly home to business offices and apartment complexes, with few hotels

What It's Like

Once Denver's spot for popular and trendy nightclubs, Glendale's entertainment scene is more on the seedy side nowadays (LoDo is the new Glendale as far as a hip nightlife). The area also suffered a disappointing blow when the Celebrity Sports Center closed in the 1990s. But Glendale, located in the center of Denver, has experienced a recent resurgence, in large parts due to Infinity Park, a newly built complex complete with a park, a recreation center (for events like free outdoor movies), and a rugby stadium, home to the Glendale Raptors.

Further afield from some of Denver's most popular tourist attractions, Glendale features some of its own attractions, like Infinity Park and Four Miles Historic Park, a 12-acre space with a historic home, an events center, and a children's summer camp. The nearby Cherry Creek Trail is a nice spot for hikes, and Glendale's central location and lightrail system make it easy enough to check out other areas of the city.

Where To Stay

Glendale is only one square mile and is mostly made up of office buildings, apartment buildings...and strip clubs, so there aren't a ton of hotels in the area. To be closer to areas like Uptown and Lower Downtown Historic District, stay in the northwest area of Glendale.


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Languages: English
Airport: Denver International Airport
Peak: April-Oct.
Currency: U.S. Dollar
Electricity: 120 V, 60 Hz
Tipping: 15-20% at restaurants

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