Lavish linens: See how the finest Italian sheets stack up Map

Many travelers don't know their Mascioni from Anichini. You may not think sheet brands matter, but at the upper end of the luxury spectrum, the difference between, say, a 4-pearl (luxury), a 4.5-pearl (ultra-luxury) and a 5-pearl (insanely extravagant luxury) is largely in these kids of details.

So what makes some sheets better than others? Hotels love to brag about high thread count, but high thread count doesn't always equal high quality. Thread count does come in to play, but other factors like fiber quality, yarn size, and finishing matter just as much. With the luxury brands below, you can be sure that you'll get a decadent night's sleep on a high-quality weave.

The best sheets tend to come from Italy, so to help you distinguish these brands we associated each with an elite Italian sports car.

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