Hotel Constanza Barcelona  

Eixample, Barcelona, Spain

Who hasn't ducked into a hotel to make use of a clean public restroom while on vacation? While hotels across the board often have nicer public bathrooms than, say, the local gas station, some hotels' bathrooms go beyond just clean. Whether employing attractive streamlined design or antique decor, hotels are upping the ante when it comes to their public bathrooms, and we at Oyster have seen the best of the best. Check out our ten favorites in this slideshow.

First up, we have the public restroom at the Hotel Constanza Barcelona. This hip boutique is known for its stylish, modern decor and low lighting that keeps guests in a chic state of mind. The clean lines, funky, modern sinks, and dark color palate continue this theme into the bathroom, but playful raindrop detailing on stall doors keeps the look from being too somber.

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