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Bathtub at the Montego Beach Resort.

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Rub-a-dub-dub? Not in these tubs (6 of 6)

 Bathtub at the Montego Beach Resort.
Most of us have showered, at one time or another, in a hotel shower-bath combo. Usually with shower sandals on. But we're willing to bet that not too many people are brave enough to actually take baths in one -- especially when it's not perfectly clean. And when it's really, really not clean -- we're talking soap scum, grime, mold, rust, or even unwelcome critters -- the thought of even showering in it makes us shudder. Below, take a look at the hotel tubs you couldn't pay us to bathe in. First up: The Richmond Hotel. We might be willing to share our bath with a rubber duck on occasion. Cockroaches, like this one in the bathrub at the Richmond Hotel, are quite another matter. If the cockroach isn't enough to deter you from bathing at the Richmond Hotel, maybe grime surrounding the bathtub is. Bathtub at the Ameritania Hotel. We don't want to know what made the ring around the drain that color. Bathtub at Fitzgeralds Casino. We're a little doubtful about this tub's capacity to hold water. And we really don't want to know if any creepy crawlies live inside that hole. We found a hair and what appears to be a booger in our tub at the Celuisma Paraiso Tropical. Bathtub at the Montego Beach Resort.
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