America's Little Italy's: Celebrations from Coast to Coast Map

We all know the rhyme (or you really should): In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue -- and people have been celebrating his discovery of the "New World" ever since. But no one showers the famed Genovese explorer with more praise than his Italian compatriots. From coast to coast, Italians celebrate their rich heritage, vibrant culture, and noteworthy achievements (chief among those being the conviction that the world is not, in fact, flat) on each Columbus Day with parades, music, and feasts. And the bastions of Italian culture -- America's Little Italys -- are the sites of some of our favorite festivities and traditions. We've picked out the best places to march and mangia in these old-world enclaves, as well as our favorite spots to bed up for the night after indulging in plenty of pasta, pastries, and vino. Cent'anni!

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