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Chateau Marmont versus Sunset Tower: Service

The Chateau Marmont:Service is courteous, but a little stuffy. There's the sense that the best treatment is reserved for celebrities and regulars; tourists feel like they don't belong. That being said, hotel guests are entitled to priority reservations at the restaurant and bar, a privilege otherwise reserved for studio directors and names that appear in the IMDB database.

Sunset Tower: With front desk staff that greets guests by name, porters almost too happy to open doors and carry luggage, and accommodating waitstaff in both restaurants, service is top-notch throughout. The 74-room Sunset Strip icon still draws stars, but regular guests get treated just as well.

Oyster's Take: For less pretention, and more a-ttention, the Sunset is a better bet.

So there you have it -- not only is Sunset Tower cheaper, it's arguably a better hotel overall. If you still think the Chateau Marmont is worth the money, feel free to splurge -- but in our book, it's overpriced and overrated.

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