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Luxury for less: Chateau Marmont versus Sunset Tower

Yes, the Chateau Marmont is a Hollywood institution, but with rates at around $430 a night, there are cheaper -- and better -- spots to get your fill of Hollywood glamor. The Sunset Tower Hotel, for example — a rejuvenated icon of Sunset Strip, with rates for around $270 a night. And at the Sunset, regular guest get the same star treatment as the A-listers — unlike at the exclusive, slightly stuffy Marmont. Below, see how the two hotels stack up.

Chateau Marmont

As Hollywood's most notorious celebrity hideaway, the Chateau Marmont is the best spot for A-list sightings, especially in its two fantastic (yet reasonably priced) restaurants. Most everything else disappoints. The pool's small, the gym's dark, and the standard rooms are dowdy. Head here for dinner if you want a celebrity fix.

Sunset Tower Hotel

A rejuvenated Sunset Strip landmark with just 74 rooms, the Art Deco Sunset Tower draws A-list celebrities and treats everyday guests like stars with impeccable service and a vibe that channels the glamorous history of Hollywood. Despite its small pool, the Tower is still a great value.

Oyster's Take: For less pretention, and more a-ttention, the Sunset is a better bet. Not only is Sunset Tower cheaper, it’s arguably a better hotel overall. If you still think the Chateau Marmont is worth the money, feel free to splurge — but in our book, it’s overpriced and overrated.


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