Babymoons: A Quick Getaway Before Parenthood Begins Map

Preparing for the birth of a child is one of the most exciting things that can happen to a couple. Even if it's just testing paint swatches in the nursery, lots of time and energy is spent getting everything ready for the big day. And while the preparations themselves may seem hectic, they pale in comparison to the duties that come along with caring for a newborn infant.

This is why the trend of "babymooning" began to catch on in the mid-2000s. A quick, romantic trip is a great way for couples spend an intimate weekend together before the arrival of their child. Mothers and fathers-to-be treat themselves to pampering spa treatments, cozy rooms, and relaxation in a last hurrah before parenthood begins. Being the hotel experts, we rounded up some of our favorite hotels for the perfect babymoons. Because take it from us when we say that happy, relaxed parents make the entire process easier.

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