Best Value Hotels in Negril

At Oyster Hotel Reviews, value is the most important factor we consider when evaluating a hotel. After sleeping at 40 of the most popular hotels in Jamaica, we know the competition and can tell you which Negril hotels really offer the most for your money.

Rockhouse Hotel


Rockhouse Hotel Rating: 4.0 Pearls

Location: Negril, Jamaica

The lush, laid-back Rockhouse creates a holistic haven -- gourmet dining, morning yoga, cliffside loungers, a premium spa, and beautiful eco-appropriate design. But most astounding are the reasonable rates. (The slightly more chic Caves hotel can cost upwards of three times more.)

Negril Tree House Resort


Negril Tree House Resort Rating: 3.0 Pearls

Location: Negril, Jamaica

The Negril Tree House Cottages has a prime spot on Seven Mile Beach, one of Jamaica's most popular, but it still offers uncrowded stretches of sand. For the location, you'd be hard-pressed to find a good hotel that's any cheaper. There's zero security after dark, and the rooms feature nothing but an old TV and a bar of soap. But most guests don't seem to care, once they're swinging on a porch hammock overlooking Jamaica's best beach. Plus, great bars and restaurants are right next door.

Catcha Falling Star Resort


Catcha Falling Star Resort Rating: 3.0 Pearls

Location: Negril, Jamaica

There's no pool, lobby, or dazzling features, but Catcha's quaint cliffside huts come with warm service, open-air showers, breathtaking sunsets, comfortable beds and simple homemade cuisine. You can eat one of the best breakfasts in Jamaica for free until 11 a.m. at Ivan's Bar.

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