Most Romantic Hotels in Negril

Many Jamaican resorts show off photos of candlelit dinners, secluded beaches, and timeless sunsets. What they won't show you are the screaming toddlers, poolside beer-chugging contests, and flies buzzing around the buffet. After touring the island incognito and sleeping in more than 40 beds, we can assure you that these are the hotels in Negril that truly deliver -- comfortable rooms, scenic pools, blissful spas, and a discreet yet obliging staff.

The Caves


The Caves Rating: 4.5 Pearls

Location: Negril, Jamaica

Composed of 11 colorful gingerbread cottages, this uniquely stylish adults-only (17-plus) eco-boutique hotel by swank hoteliers Island Outpost is tucked away beside lush garden paths and dramatic seaside cliffs -- where sunning spots are divided among private platforms. Doing away with in-room TVs, the Caves brings romance in the form of outdoor showers, private candlelit dinners inside a cave, fresh cuisine, private Jacuzzi sessions, and some of the friendliest, most attentive service in Jamaica.

Rockhouse Hotel


Rockhouse Hotel Rating: 4.0 Pearls

Location: Negril, Jamaica

The lush, laid-back Rockhouse features gourmet dining, morning yoga, a premium spa, and a jaw-dropping infinity pool poised over a cliff's edge, overlooking some of Jamaica's most beautiful sunsets. The eco-friendly buildings designed by Jean-Henri Morin organically emerge from volcanic rock cliffs, and duets of loungers are set 40 feet above the ocean. For even more intimate seclusion, book a private, thatch-roofed villa.

Sunset at the Palms


Sunset at the Palms Rating: 4.0 Pearls

Location: Negril, Jamaica

Of the 86 rooms at the Palms, 65 are in a series of stilted bungalows with 365-degree views of the lush gardens -- it's a far cry from most other Negril all-inclusive hotels. Rooms are dark and romantic, with large, multi-head showers in gorgeous slate bathrooms. Dinner is served by candlelight, and a singer with an acoustic guitar plays mellow tunes.

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