Miraflores District, Lima Travel Guide

Miraflores Summary


  • Known for its well-maintained parks and gardens
  • Excellent shopping
  • Beaches popular with both sunbathing and surfing
  • An upscale cultural center for the city of Lima, with theaters, cinemas and galleries
  • Vibrant nightlife; pubs and bars for crowds of all ages


  • Area is becoming increasingly touristy
  • Heat can become intense during the summer months

What It's Like

Most visitors to Lima flock straight to Miraflores, which is widely known for its shopping areas, gardens, well-maintained parks, and beaches. It's one of Lima's more upscale areas and is a cultural center with theaters, galleries and cinemas. The area is home to many hotels, cafes, pubs, restaurants, and stores that are popular with both tourists and locals; Calle de Las Pizzas ("Pizza Street") is lined with bars that are filled with teenagers and young adults (especially on the weekends). The beaches here are popular with surfers and sunbathers alike (especially during the hot summer months).

Where to Stay

In an area as lively and popular as Miraflores, it's hard to go too wrong with hotel location. Staying south of Alfredo Benavides and east of Malecon Balta will keep you relatively central, close to both Miraflores Central Park, the beach, and shops.


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Languages: Spanish
Airport: Jorge Chavez International Airport
Peak: Dec. - Apr.
Off-peak: May - Oct.
Visa: U.S., Canadian and European citizens don't need a visa
Vaccines: No
Currency: Peruvian nuevo sol
Electricity: 220 volts AC; 60 cycles
Tipping: 10% in restaurants (some automatically add it)

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