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The Corridor, Los Cabos, Mexico

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The Corridor Summary


  • Beautiful stretches of beach
  • Lined with championship golf courses
  • Plenty of all-inclusive, high-end resorts right on the beach
  • Lots of flora and fauna
  • Very remote and romantic


  • Not walkable -- need a car or taxi
  • Lack of restaurants and bars
  • Expensive hotels

What It's Like

This 20-mile stretch of land runs from San Jose del Cabo to Cabo San Lucas, and offers some of the area's most beautiful coastline -- blue sea, craggy cliffs, golf courses, and low mountains -- as well as compact, beautiful resort properties. The Corridor doesn't have much else to offer besides that, but it sure is beautiful.

Where to Stay

Travelers who want to be closer to the airport should aim for the eastern section of The Corridor, towards San Jose del Cabo. For those that want to be near more touristy places, including top-notch restaurants, it might be better to scope out hotels on the Cabo San Lucas side. And for those that just want complete peace and serenity, a spot near the remote middle would be best.


Map of Hotels -- The Corridor, Los Cabos

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Languages: Spanish
Airport: Los Cabos International Airport
Peak: Dec. - Apr.
Off-peak: May - Dec.
Visa: Varies; U.S., Canadian and European citizens don't need a visa, but do need a tourist card
Vaccines: No
Currency: Mexican Peso
Electricity: 110 volts AC; 60 cycles
Tipping: 15% in restaurants

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