Sunny Isles, Miami Travel Guide

Sunny Isles Summary


  • Sunny beach weather year-round, especially from March to June
  • Large, soft, white-sand beaches
  • Less crowded beaches than in South Beach
  • 30- to 40-minute drive from both Miami International and Fort Lauderdale International airports
  • Most hotels are directly on the beach
  • High-rise hotels typically come with great beach and bayside views
  • Typically larger hotel rooms than in South Beach
  • Extremely safe; very few incidents of crime
  • Nude beaches at Haulover Beach Park


  • Few quality dining options outside the resorts
  • 30-minute, $30 to $40 cab ride to South Beach action
  • Occasional chilly days Dec.-Feb.
  • Sweltering humidity in the summer, especially in August and September
  • Slight hurricane potential from June 1 to November 30

What It's Like

Sunny Isles refers to itself as "Florida's Riviera" -- which is a bit of an exaggeration. There are a few chichi standouts -- Lime Lounge at the Trump International Beach Resort, the Il Mulino Italian restaurant at the ultra-luxe Acqualina Resort, and yachting in the Biscayne Bay -- but most areas are really just safe, humble, residential communities about 30 minutes by car from Miami's major attractions.

Where to Stay

Swapping South Beach's smaller Art Deco boutiques for high-rise resorts, the hotels in Sunny Isles trade glitzy parties and throbbing dance beats for more affordable, family-focused beachfront hotels. If you're taking the kids, the Newport Beachside Hotel & Resort is probably your best, mid-range option -- you'll find jumbo-cookie decorating, poolside limbo contests, family movie nights, video game rooms, and more. But dazzling luxury spa resorts -- like the Acqualina Resort and Trump International Beach Resort -- have been cropping up in recent years, rivaling even the best, most stylish hotels in South Beach.


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Languages: English, Spanish
Airports: Miami Int'l
Ft. Lauderdale Int'l
Peak: January-April
Off-Peak: June-September
Hurricanes: June-November
Visa: No, for nationalities included in the Visa Waiver Program
Vaccines: No
Currency: U.S. Dollar

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