I spy..."Burn Notice" superspy Michael Westen hitting up Miami hotels

The oh-so-resourceful former CIA agent Michael Westen — the main character of the USA Network’s cult hit, Burn Notice — isn’t the only one with spying skills. We couldn't help but notice that Westen's life of well-intentioned crime has taken him to real-life Miami hotels pretty often. We did a little tactical research to find out some of the hotels that have aided and abetted.

Fontainebleau Miami Beach


Fontainebleau Miami Beach Rating: 4.5 Pearls

When Westen met with big baddie Gilroy in the episode "Friendly Fire", we knew immediately where he was -- we'd know the curves of the sexy Fontainbleau pool anywhere. Real-life actor Jeffrey Donovan, who plays Michael Westen, likes the hotel as well: It’s where he got a little drunk before getting arrested for driving under the influence.

Beacon Hotel


Beacon Hotel Rating: 3.5 Pearls

In the pilot episode, Westen stops to catch his breath under the Beacon’s awning, where there’s terrace seating for the restaurant Rendezvous. (Good thing he didn’t stop to eat — we thought Rendezvous was mediocre and overpriced.)



Albion Rating: 3.5 Pearls

Categories: Boutique, Historic, Value

In the episode “Unpaid Debts,” sparks fly when Westen’s mom, Madeleine, goes on a date at The Albion with Sam’s friend, Virgil. This low-key Art Deco landmark is one of South Beach’s best bargains; it strikes us as just Madeleine’s style.

1 Hotel South Beach


1 Hotel South Beach Rating: 4.0 Pearls

Categories: Beachfront, Luxury, Party

In the episode “Truth and Reconciliation,” a dolled-up Fiona ensnares a killer — the son of a Haitain dictator — at this chic hotel. The hotel also appeared in the episode “Double Booked,” and the super-sleek infinity pool is featured in some of the Burn Notice promos.

The Tides South Beach


The Tides South Beach Rating: 4.5 Pearls

Categories: Boutique, Luxury, Romantic

Madeleine and Sam stake out Eddie, who stole money from hip-hop Mogul Valentine and framed Westen’s client, Ricky, at Tides’ La Marea restaurant in the episode “Bad Blood.”

Cardozo Hotel


Cardozo Hotel Rating: 2.5 Pearls

Categories: Boutique

Crime boss Concha Ramirez meets with Michael at the hotel’s Cuban restaurant Oriente in the episode “Broken Rules.” We found Oriente’s entrees to be overpriced and poorly prepared –- not a bad place to take an enemy.

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