Hotel Monteleone  

French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is known for some pretty epic parties, topped of course with Mardi Gras celebrations throughout the city and the historic French Quarter district every year. But some hotels keep the wild times going all year long. For the best places in the French Quarter to get your freak on, take a look at some of these awesome party hotels in the Vieux Carré, and just maybe you'll get to take home some beads yourself!

The 600-room French Quarter hotel has made literary history and cocktail history, but it's no museum piece. Perched high above the French Quarter, the Hotel Monteleone sign has been a beacon for lost travelers since 1886. But there’s nothing drowsy about the Monteleone. It’s one of the city’s most vibrant hotels, hosting drink enthusiasts from all over the world every July for Tales of the Cocktail, which is headquartered at the hotel. The Monteleone also crackles with conference-goers, who make use of the hotel’s capable meeting staff and roomy facilities. Also notable is the Monteleone's legendary Carousel Bar, which is dressed as a kids’ ride that slow-spins cocktail drinkers past a bank of windows facing Royal Street. Make sure to ask for the hotel’s signature Monteleone Cocktail, a citrus-spiked whiskey. While you’re spinning, look for celebrities like Dennis Quaid and Michael Jordan, who have been spotted here.

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