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Laguna Beach, Orange County, California

Laguna Beach Summary


  • Picturesque scenery, with cliffs and lots of shoreline
  • Very laid-back atmosphere
  • Perfect for couples looking for a romantic getaway
  • Most open-minded part of Orange County, with a thriving gay community


  • Can be expensive
  • Somewhat far from other Orange County attractions

What It's Like

Laguna Beach is a playground for the rich and famous. It is one of the most affluent and beautiful parts of Orange County, with plenty of sandy beaches and cliffs with spectacular overlooks. Neighbored by Crystal Cove State Park and Aliso Wood Canyons Regional Park, this is the perfect place for nature lovers looking for a relaxing vacation. It is also the most artistic part of Orange County, attracting people from all walks of life.

Laguna Beach consists of a few small neighborhoods. Stay in Downtown for most of the shops, art galleries, bars, and restaurants. South Laguna is known for having a thriving gay community, and also features lots of bars and restaurants. Head Aliso Pier is great for whale watching and swimming, and Laguna Canyon is a picturesque residential area known for beautiful homes tucked in the hills.

Where to Stay

The majority of hotels and resorts are located on the coastal bluffs off of the Pacific Coast Highway, in order to maximize on the killer views. If you'd rather be near restaurants and shops, stay in the main town of Laguna Beach, or on a stretch of coast that's nearby. (It's a small area though, so even if you're a little farther down the coast, it will still only be a short drive.)


Map of Hotels -- Laguna Beach, Orange County

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Languages: English
Airports: John Wayne Airport (SNA)
Peak: April - June
Off-Peak: Jan. - March
Visa: No, for nationalities included in the Visa Waiver Program
Vaccines: No
Currency: U.S. Dollar
Electricity: 120 V, 60 Hz
Tipping: 15-20% in restaurants and cabs
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