9th Arrondissement (Opera Garnier), Paris Travel Guide

9th Arrondissement (Opera Garnier) Summary


  • Opera Garnier, a grand 19th century opera house
  • Great shops, including several 19th-century department stores
  • Pedestrian-friendly
  • Convenient location for exploring the Right Bank
  • Business and commercial hub


  • Not as many great restaurants as nearby neighborhoods
  • Few must-see sights

What It's Like

On the Right Bank of the Seine, the 9th Arrondissement is a neighborhood with beautiful architecture and several museums. But this area is more business-oriented than others in the city, as it is one of Paris's business "hubs," particularly around the Opera Garnier, the grand, 19th-century opera house. Also near the Opera Garnier is the neighborhood's central shopping area. Historic department stores and high-end boutiques are surrounded by covered walkways, reminiscent of the centuries-old markets that used to be set up in the area.

The 9th Arrondissement certainly has some nice restaurants and museums (it wouldn't be considered part of Paris without them). But there aren't as many great restaurants as there are, say, in the nearby 2nd and 8th Arrondissements. Some restaurants and bars are clustered around the 9th Arrondissement's Grands Boulevards, but it isn't as grand as it was in the 20th century. And the museums aren't quite up to par with those in other neighborhoods either; however, fans of symbolist paintings will enjoy the Gustave Moreau museum.

Where To Stay

Most hotels in the 9th Arrondissement are located toward the neighborhood's southern end, near the 2nd Arrondissement and closer to the Seine. This is a good location as the 2nd Arrondissement has numerous restaurants and the 1st Arrondissement below it is home to tons of iconic sights. Those in town for business (and shopping!) should consider staying near the Opera Garnier, as it marks the central business and commercial area of the nieghborhood.


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Languages: French
Airports: Paris Orly International Airport
Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport
Peak: June - August
Vaccines: No
Currency: Euro
Electricity: 220 V, 50 Hz
Tipping: Included in the service charge in restaurants, 10-15% additional tip is appreciated for good service

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