$1,000 for a Bagel, And Other Insanely Expensive Hotel Eats

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You can generally expect to pay more for a grab-and-go pastry or snack at a hotel than at your average coffee shop. But when the bill for a bagel clocks in at $1,000, even we are shocked -- and we've seen some pretty pricey hotel eats. But then again, this is not your average bagel. And the two other menu items on our list are not your average burger or frittata, either. Take a look at these insanely expensive eats on hotel restaurant menus, and then tell us in the comments -- would you be willing to fork over the cash, or would you rather make these items on the cheap yourself, as Thrillist suggests?

$1,000 Bagel

You can get a $1,000 bagel at the Westin at Times Square, where guests incur pricey extra fees for things like Internet and gym access. But those fees are nothing compared to what you’ll pay for the four-figure bagel, which is smeared with white truffle cream cheese and topped with edible gold. At this price, we’d like them to please remove all the carbs without sacrificing taste, please.

$5,000 Burger

If you’re craving a burger (and just won $5,000 at the slots), skip the McDonald’s you can see from the pool, and treat yourself to the Fleur Burger 5000 at the Fleur restaurant in Vegas’s Mandalay Bay. The staggeringly expensive burger is made of wagyu beef, topped with truffles and foie gras, and the order comes complete with a bottle of 1996 Chateau Petrus ($2,500 value) served in wine glasses that you can keep. The Fleur menu also includes the simpler Fleur Burger. At $35, it’s a wagyu beef patty on brioche with caramelized onions, grilled mushrooms, and fries. For an additional $35, you can top it with some truffles and foie gras.

$1,000 Lobster Frittata

Caviar always ups the ante, doesn’t it?! Norma’s at Le Parker Meridien offers brunch guests a $1,000 lobster frittata, topped with 10 ounces of caviar. The menu’s $39 foie gras french toast is sounding like a pretty good deal right about now…

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