Sipping Red Stripe in the Sea

Located miles from the mainland off Jamaica’s South Coast, there is the unusual Floyd’s Pelican Bar. To get there, you have to take a 45-minute boat ride, which the nearby Jake’s boutique hotel can arrange. While staying at Jake’s, I had to see the place for myself.

I met my captain (and his dog) next to the hotel and we set off on a rough ride along the waves (seasick travelers beware). After boating 30 minutes out into the Caribbean Sea, it was hard to imagine I was anywhere near a bottle of my beloved Red Stripe lager. But sure enough, a crude bar appeared on the horizon. After we hoisted ourselves onto the weathered, wooden planks from the side of the boat, I opened my bottle of Red Stripe (chilled in a wind-turbine powered cooler) and took a few photos:

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