The Cougar Experience: Not your mama's San Fran hotel package (you hope), but it's a good deal

We like to keep abreast of the latest in hotel package offerings, and this one from the Hotel Diva in San Francisco is certainly titillating, if also a wee bit tacky: the boutique property, part of the (female-run!) small West Coast chain Personality Hotels, is shilling a hotel package that shamelessly promotes and encourages Cougardom. That is, the act of being a Cougar -- a female on the prowl for younger male playthings. Stupid and gimmicky? Sure. But since the haters are probably gonna hate, we're gonna tell you a little secret: it's not a terrible deal.

You could spend 50 bucks on your monthly Botox injections (kidding, sort of), or you could add that 50 bucks to your room rate at the Hotel Diva and get all these Cougar-friendly amenities with the Cougars With Personality package -- oh, and everything comes in pairs, so you can bring your wingwoman, too:

  • A one-night stay ($159.00)
  • Two Hanky-Panky animal-print thongs ($22.00 each)
  • Two Lemon Drop cocktails
  • Two $25 Gift Certificates for the Epi Center MedSpa ($50.00 – and yes, they do Botox)
  • Professional bra fittings at Nordstrom (free, though the reminder that the ol’ ta-tas may be a bit closer to the waist than they were the last time you got a professional bra fitting is probably priceless…)
  • “A list of San Francisco’s hottest Cougar bars” (we assume this is where young dudes hang out)

A standard room on October 30th is $159; with the Cougar package, you’re looking at a rate of $209. So for $50 you get at least $100-worth of goodies – who says an older woman can’t have a cheap, hot night if she doesn't mind being a cliche and is prepared to take responsibility for causing irreparable psychological damage to her children by openly identifying as a Cougar?

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