The hotel's been booked. Now what? Enter NileGuide.

NileGuide in action
NileGuide in action

So you've flipped through the thousands of photos on Oyster, have read plenty of reviews and, at last, have arrived at your hotel decision. Your room is booked, your plane tickets are ready to go. You've got your travel and your shelter figured out -- but before you hop on that airplane, there are dozens of other plans you need to make (besides purchasing TSA-friendly mini toiletries): you need to figure out what you're going to do when you're not sleeping in that carefully-selected hotel of yours. If accummulating paper cuts from guidebooks or aimlessly Googling "fun things to do in [destination]" don't seem like appealing strategies, check out NileGuide.

The site, which curates content from several sources and adds insight and expertise from their staff of "local experts" in each of the destinations they cover, allows you to build a sort of customized travel guide that can be anchored by your hotel's location. For instance, if you were planning a trip to New York and had selected the Library Hotel as your HQ, NileGuide can pull nearby restaurant recommendations, activities, and bars for you to check out during your stay -- and with a few clicks, the site will create a customized list of activities for you to do, or even a full-blown, printable PDF itinerary complete with NYC overview information, maps, and sightseeing recommendations for each day of your trip.

Check it out here -- and take a look at this awesome sample itinerary for a San Francisco trip (which we might have used recently... hint hint).

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