The Best Hotels for Happy Hour in New York

The weather's getting colder in the Big Apple, which gives the residents and guests of this fine city another good excuse to drink (which, incidentally, also happens when the weather gets warm again, when it rains, when it snows, when it's sunny, when it's windy...). The sun's going down earlier, too -- and everyone knows the cure for the cold, sunless, late-afternoon/early-evening blues is a good, boozey happy hour.

Which hotels offer the best happy hours in the city? Based on drink prices, yummy snacks, or notable after-work bar scenes, here are our picks for the Best Hotels for Happy Hour in New York:

The Cellar Bar, Bryant Park Hotel

For fashionistas or media types (or those looking to meet a fashionista or media type): The Bryant Park Hotel's Cellar Bar is a popular choice -- and since guests get free cocktails between 5:00 and 6:00 on weeknights, the spot promises an always-bustling scene for locals and a can't-go-wrong option for guests. That is, if you can find a place to sit.

Bull and Bear Steakhouse, The Waldorf Astoria

For manly men who think they're Don Draper: The Waldorf Astoria's Bull and Bear steakhouse has the mahogany, the grommeted leather, the aroma of aged Scotch in the air -- and between 5 and 6 p.m. you can distract yourself from your boss's boring business chit-chat by paying attention to the live airing of The Fox Business show "Happy Hour".

The Libertine, Gild Hall

For those of us who get hungry by 6:00 p.m.: Aside from the goodies on its inventive cocktail menu, Gild Hall boasts some pretty tempting offerings around happy hour. The hotel's cozy London gastro-pub The Libertine serves comfort foods like chicken pot pie and mac and cheese, along with smaller munchies like lobster sliders and pear salads.

Wine and cheese, Library Hotel

For frugal freebie-snatchers: If you are the sort of person who might consider booking a hotel based on the promise of free booze, more power to you. The Library Hotel serves guests three hours of wine and cheese each weeknight, as does the Casablanca. Hotel Elysee serves vino, cheese, Prosecco, crackers, olives, and fresh crudites from 5 to 8 on weeknights, too. If you're into hunting down deals, chances are you might be interested in cheap flights from's list of domestic flights under $199 -- there are several NYC flights listed right now -- and until tomorrow (October 30th), CheapOAir is running a $15 off sale. You can come in well under $200 on your airfare this way, so go check it out.

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