Thread counts uncovered: What's really between your sheets?

This video had us laughing our butts off when we watched it on on Friday. Funny guy Aziz Ansari, appearing on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien last week, made a public service announcement after being duped by a false thread count (on sheets he expected to be hotel quality).

As Consumerist reports, and we can attest, the correlation between quality and thread count is a bit rough once you get past about 300 threads per inch.

Think Aziz's run-in with 296 thread-count sheets was bad? Check out what we found waiting for us on the sheets at Negril Escape Resort and Spa last year:

Bloody sheets (?) at Negril Escape Resort and Spa
Bloody sheets (?) at Negril Escape Resort and Spa

We're hoping it's nail polish...

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