Ask Oyster: Where should a smoker stay in NYC?

Imagine puffing on a stogie in a tub like this...
Imagine puffing on a stogie in a tub like this...

Smokers, New York City is against you. A recent tax hike now puts a pack at about $11. It’s illegal to smoke in most bars and restaurants (and, if Mayor Bloomberg gets his way, beaches and public parks too.) About every 15 minutes or so, a profoundly disgusting TV ad airs, telling you why to quit in gory detail. If you’re looking to quit, a Big Apple visit might be the kick in the pants you need. But far be it from me to judge. If you’re just looking for a clean smoking room without the stale nicotine funk or the chemical sting of lemon freshener, we’ve got you covered.

Where to stay if you smoke...

  • Clove cigarettes: Hotel Chelsea, Chelsea: art house cool for lawless smokers (congress recently outlawed the sale of these crackling babies)
  • Lucky Strikes: The Franklin, Upper East Side: value-minded, with hints of Art Deco to help complete the WWII-era time-warp

  • Lights: Hotel Chandler, Murray Hill: quaint, quiet boutique with a softer touch
  • Rugged Marlboro Reds: Hampton Inn Seaport, Lower Manhattan: affordable rooms with private outdoor courtyards, for when you need a touch of the outdoors in NYC
  • Femme Capris: Thompson L.E.S., Lower East Side: where smokes double as fashion accessories
  • Organic American Spirits: Bowery Hotel, East Village: hip with a conscience -- charitable books and ample organic fare
  • Dunhills: Mercer Hotel, SoHo: smoke like a British rock star, alongside actual British rock stars
  • Classy Nat Shermans: Royalton, Midtown West: dark, bold, sophisticated style (and, incidentally, just around the corner from Nat Shermans’ corporate headquarters)
  • Francophile Gauloises: Maritime Hotel, Chelsea: worldly style on the cusp of the Meatpacking District’s nightclubs
  • Fine Cohiba cigars: The Plaza, Midtown West (pictured above): century-old swank around the corner from the Carnegie Club, a cigar lounge that's above the law, and the esteemed De La Concha tobacconist

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