How much does a hotel hamburger cost in Midtown Manhattan?

Mmm, mmm… That *is* a tasty burger!
Mmm, mmm… That *is* a tasty burger!

The ubiquitous hotel hamburger: business traveler stand-by, kid-friendly sure-thing, life-saver of the hungover, and current obsession among New York food fanatics. From the $32 sirloin, short rib, foie gras, and black truffle indulgence at db Bistro Moderne (at the swank City Club Hotel) to the bare-bones, beef-on-bun for $9 (at the budget Wellington Hotel), prices and quality can admittedly vary widely.

But that didn’t stop us from surveying 34 properties to determine the average price of a burger in the neighborhood around Times Square: $16.62. With tax and tip, you’re looking at a shade over 20 bucks. Not cheap for ground beef on bread, but certainly a better buy than a double-decker bus tour.

[Photo via Flickr/SimonDoggett]

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