Adventures in brand extension, or how to make your bedroom into a hotel room

The new Westin-Amazon shop
The new Westin-Amazon shop

Maybe it's because Oyster reporters already spend dozens of nights a year in hotels, but we're not completely sold on the new Amazon store from Westin hotels, where the chain is selling everything from green tea-grapefruit body lotion ($14) to a California king bed ($1,695). Tipped off to the shop by The New York Times, we plowed through to see how Westin's offerings stack up to another hotel brand's: Kimpton also sells its animal print robes, linens, and, yep, beds ($1,495).

Both chains offer pretty much everything you'd find in your room for sale online, though some of the offerings seem more likely to be snapped up than others. (Honestly, who's buying Westin's $15 shower hooks?) But if you're looking to recreate that great experience at, say, The Westin St. Francis, a bottle of the signature shampoo ($12) is certainly cheaper than booking a night in San Francisco.

If you do decide to spring for a hotel stay while perusing the online shop, Westin does offer one thing that Kimpton doesn't. Guests that stay two nights at any of the chain's properties through May 13 get a $100 Amazon gift card. Now that's a brand extension we heartily endorse.

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