Two budget-friendly splash pads you can't miss in central Florida!

Dr. Phillips Community Park is a cheap way to keep kids cool in the summer.
Dr. Phillips Community Park is a cheap way to keep kids cool in the summer.

The Orlando area is almost always hot. Local splash pads are a great way to allow your kids to run around and get wet, without spending a fortune -- and sometimes, without spending anything at all.

The Magical Water Fountain: The first splash pad on my list is in the middle of all the Disney action at Downtown Disney Marketplace. The Magical Water Fountain, located near Once Upon A Toy, sends water jumping in the air for children to race after and try to catch. You never know which spout will shoot the water next. Best of all, it's completely free. If this splash pad is too crowded for your taste, there is another smaller version near The Days of Christmas. There are bathrooms nearby if you'd like to change the kids into dry clothes before leaving. If your family is in the Disney area and enjoys water fun, I recommend you stay at the Nickelodeon Suites Resort, located just moments from the Disney entrance.

Dr. Phillips Community Park: For more of an all-day splash park event I recommend the Dr. Phillips Community Park. The cost is either $1 per person, or free, depending on the month and school break schedule. Not only does the Dr. Phillips Community Park have a splash pad, but there are also large water sprinklers that pour onto the kids and large water sprayers they can aim at one another. My children love this park. Once you have had enough water fun there is a state-of-the-art playground with equipment that you have probably never seen before. You can also grill out in a shaded area. The Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek Resort is only about 15 minutes away by car.

Living in Central Florida I'm always on the lookout for fun, budget-friendly activities for my kids. Splash parks are always a hit and can be an entire day's worth of fun.

-Lee Allport of MySentimentExactLee

[Photo Credit: Lee Allport]

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