GLBT Boston watering holes

The Estate bar in Boston
The Estate bar in Boston

Whether visiting for the first or the fifteenth time, Boston imbues visitors and residents alike with a patriotic spirit and a sense of American enchantment. It’s one of the few big cities where GLBTs are offered equal rights as first-class citizens and live relatively hassle-free from bigotry and BS. While the nerds hit the books and the heretics hit the “packies” (liquor stores), Boston’s more seasoned, post-pubescent residents revel in the city’s endless choices for awesome dining, adult-style binge drinking, and those “wicked pisser” nights. Below are the best places to party like a rock star this summer (before the 2 a.m. curfew quells your fun)!

28 Degrees - Named after the ideal temperature for martinis, 28 degrees is a sexy South End bar, trendy enough for the muscle hotties but not so pretentious that is scares away the lesbians. The true “gay night” of this bar-and-restaurant combo is Thursdays before going to Glamlife at the Estate, but all other nights of the week the crowd is mixed and pleasant, with a VJ spinning pop favorites via ubiquitous TV screens. In spring and summer, prepare to claw another queen’s eyes out to get a seat on the front patio, an ideal spot for enjoying the super-strong cocktails and talking shit about the people passing by. 1 Appleton St.; (617) 728-0728

Club Cafe - Probably the most popular gay bar in Boston, Club Café has been packing the house since the mid1990s and shows no signs of stopping. Recently renovated in February 2010, Club Café is looking to for a sixth win as “Best of Boston Gay Bar.” The restaurant at the front of the complex boasts a cozy bar, popular seven nights a week. On the weekends, the Club part of Club Café opens up, with two expansive back rooms blasting pop music and bringing together Boston’s cutest nerds, seaside rough trade, and middle-aged professionals. To avoid the new $5 cover and ridiculous lines on Fridays and Saturdays, simply get a membership card from their website. A must try on any visit to Boston. 209 Columbus Ave.; (617) 536-0966

Epic Saturdays at House of Blues - The live music venue transforms into a gay dance hall late Saturday nights, with a shirts-off, high-energy throw down. Occupying the space of the former nightclub, Avalon, Epic Saturdays brings the gays back to Lansdowne Street. Reclaiming the Saturday night Buzz and Roxy crowd, the House of Blues is the best place to dance your ass off on Saturday night and meet a hot, sweaty guy in the process. 15 Lansdowne St.; (888) 693-2583

Glamlife Thursdays @ the Estate - The fabulous, double story Estate nightclub hosts Glamlife Thursdays, the favorite of Boston’s trendy crowd, fashionistas, and plentiful college students. The incredible sound system penetrates through your body and the young (sometimes virginal) crowd is eager to impress and to flirt. The cover charge can be avoided by arriving before 11 or getting a free entrance pass from the bar 28 degrees (most important for broke college boys so they don’t have to resort to porn to pay for their heretic ways). 1 Boylston Place; (617) 351-7000

The Liberty Hotel and Nine Zero are two exceptionally gay-friendly hotels, close to all the Boston action.

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