Where fine dining and family time come together: Aura Restaurant in Boston

Aura Restaurant in the Seaport Hotel
Aura Restaurant in the Seaport Hotel

Do you enjoy eating delicious food and traveling with your family? Like many travelers, I enjoy dining out at nice restaurants while on vacation, but since I often travel with my young kids, it's something I usually have to forgo. With the Fine Dining "Family-Style" program at the Aura Restaurant in the Seaport Hotel, foodies don't have to choose between fine dining and family time.

About once a month (or every other month), Aura Restaurant offers a special fine dining event for families, with a prix-fixe menu for $35 per adult and $20 per child. The menu, which rotates monthly, includes items that appeal to parents, like lamb ribs and salmon, as well as items that appeal to kids, like macaroni and cheese and all-natural hot dogs.

When kids become restless, there's a play area where they can keep themselves entertained while mom and dad finish their delicious dinner. It's the perfect combination of family time and mature dining!

Aura Restaurant is located right off the lobby of the Seaport Hotel, and offers really delicious food created by chef (and mom!) Rachel Klein. I've dined there numerous times and have always been pleased by the quality and uniqueness of the entrees.

You'll find the Seaport Hotel in the revitalized South Boston Seaport District, right on the Boston Harbor. You can take the new Silver Line to get there, though driving is also extremely convenient (unlike at many hotels). If the weather is nice, I'd recommend that you forgo the somewhat expensive underground parking garage and park at one of the many independent lots in the area.

Aura Restaurant at the Seaport Hotel 1 Seaport Lane Boston, MA 617.385.4300

--Jodi Grundig of Family-Friendly Boston and Multitasking Mommy

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