Five kid-friendly hotel features to look for on your next family trip

Parents know: Family trips are often far from relaxing. But picking the right hotel can go a long way toward tantrum-proofing your vacation. To help ensure your trip goes smoothly, use's easy filtering function to search for hotels with any of the following kid-friendly features -- or filter by any of our dozens of other amenities that are important to you, from air conditioning to free Wi-Fi to balconies. To help you get started on your search, we've linked to hotels with each of the following amenities in various destinations.

1. Kids clubs or babysitting: A stressed parent equals unhappy kids, so make sure to pick a hotel where you can schedule a little alone time for yourself. Find hotels in Jamaica with kids clubs.

2. Full kitchens: Save money and satisfy your picky eaters by booking a hotel with a full kitchen. Find hotels in Hawaii with full kitchens.

3. DVD players: You'll be happy you can play their kids their favorite movies at the end of the day. Find hotels in San Francisco with DVD players.

4. Separate bedrooms: Rooms with a separate bedroom and living room have more space for you and your family to spread out -- and more often than not, pullout couches. They tend to be on the pricier side, however. Find hotels in New York City with separate bedrooms.

5. Laundry: You'll be happy to have laundry service or a washer/dryer available -- just in case. Find hotels in Orlando with laundry service.

If you're not quite sure what features you need, try filtering by "kid-friendly hotels" to find the hotels Oyster's editors have picked as their kid-friendly favorites.

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