Boston good eats: Dining at the new Deuxave

Boston's dining scene just keeps getting hotter, and the abundance of new restaurants opened by seasoned and respected chefs is a true testament to the growing foodie culture in the city. Just a couple of weeks ago, former dbar executive chef and past "Chopped" contest Chris Coombs opened the stylish Deuxave, in Back Bay at the intersection of Commonwealth and Massachusetts Avenues.

You can quickly escape the hustle and bustle of the city by stepping into Deuxave's sleek yet comfortable bar area.

When the hostess saw me taking photos, she took me around the restaurant and showed me their wine collection.

Lots of brick and gray create a warm, serene, environment.

The bartender at Deuxave was warm, friendly, and incredibly knowledgeable. When I sat down, he quickly asked if I wanted a glass of sparkling wine, like he read my mind. He poured me a glass of Varichon-Clerc Blanc de Blancs, a very dry sparkling wine made in the Methode Champenoise in France. It was the perfect choice. While I sipped my bubbly, I listened to the bartender telling the people next to me how much Chef Coombs relies on local food such as corn from Ward Farm in Sharon, MA, greens from Excelsior Farm in Western Massachusetts, and halibut and lobster from Scituate, MA. As a result, as you would imagine, the menu is due to change very often to reflect what is fresh, seasonal, and local.

As soon as my husband arrived, we decided to be seated, and while looking at the menu and extensive wine list, snacked on chewy rolls and fresh French butter.

Deuxave’s wine list is diverse and has a number of wines by the glass. Most bottles range from $40 to $80, making a bottle an affordable.

The lobster gnocchi was calling our names: “Night Moves” Scituate Lobster with Gnocchi. Ingredients? Potato gnocchi, mushrooms, corn, green grapes, curried walnuts, and pearl onions in a citrus fricassee with fresh herbs.

We nearly licked the plate clean. Perfectly tender lobster chunks, including claw, with pillowy gnocchi, nicely caramelized onions and curried walnuts!

To wave goodbye to the summer season and all of its glorious produce, I opted for the vegetarian dish for my entree: A Vegetarian Celebration of Summer. Which included ragoût of Wards Farm corn and handmade gnocchi, porcini mushrooms, tempura celery, fried blue Araucana egg, pousse pied and tomato salad, radish, saffron- heirloom tomato coulis, & aged balsamic.

Everything was incredibly fresh, and the egg was firm on the outside and slightly runny in the middle. I mopped up the yolk with more gnocchi and corn.

Earlier in the evening we had seen the French fries go by, so we had to order some of those as well. Best. fries. ever! Salty and crispy with a hint of rosemary, served with a side of spicy aioli and ketchup, these were most definitely some of the most delicious fries I have ever had, and quite reminiscent of the amazing fries at dbar.

We finished with a recommendation from our server, the chocolate Napoleon, which married layers of firm chocolate with flaky crust, sweet ice cream, and stewed cherries.

We demolished it, despite being really full.

The service at Deuxave was second to none. My husband was drinking a nice Rioja early in the evening, but when his bolognese pasta came out, our server recommended a spicy Grenache Syrah which was the perfect pairing. He truly knew his stuff and was completely friendly, not too invasive, and someone we want to see again.

Deuxave is close to several beautiful Boston hotels including the Hotel Commonwealth which is just a few blocks away. Make it nice getaway weekend that mixes old Boston charm with modern culinary flare!

–-Meghan Malloy of

Photo credits: Meghan Malloy

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