Announcing Oyster's Exciting New Partnership with The Travel Channel!

This morning, The New York Times broke the news that The Travel Channel (owned by Scripps Networks) has invested $7.5 million in! We’re thrilled to join forces with such a major player, and know that our new partnership will allow us to serve an ever bigger role in the travel industry. We know that both sides have lots to gain from each other; Scripps Networks president Laureen Ong even boasted that this will be a "transformational event for the Travel Channel.”

So what does this mean for Oyster, and for Oyster fans like yourselves?

In the coming months, you’ll see Oyster popping up on TV on The Travel Channel, and you’ll see more and more of our content (slideshows, "Best Of" lists) on Travel Channel’s website as we work together to strengthen both brands. Plus, we’ll be working tirelessly in the coming months to bring you new reviews and photos of hotels around the world (we’ve recently added hotels in Costa Rica, Orange County, San Diego, and Chicago).

In the meantime, check out all the great press our partnership has received, and see for yourself what the media is saying about what this deal will mean for Oyster and our followers!

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