Travel Tuesday: What's New?

The Chateau Marmont, LA
The Chateau Marmont, LA
  • WATCH The Chateau Marmont is starring in a new miniseries, produced by Office star John Krasinski and Social Network scribe Aaron Sorkin. The miniseries, whose name is not yet been decided, will highlight Marmont high-profile celebrities that have stayed there since the 1920s. [Hotel Chatter]
  • EAT While testing out a Seattle-based Boeing 747-8, the crew decided to take lunch in Pittsburgh to grab some sandwiches. Pastrami, anyone? [AOL Travel]
  • SHOOT Hesitant about snapping shots in public spaces? No worries. One man almost got arrested -- but when it came down to it, police refused to take action. It's a free photography country! [Frommers]
  • RINSE What do guests value most in a hotel? Cleanliness -- more than price, location, and security. Pass the soap. [USA Today]
  • CHECK IN On Foursquare, that is. Ritz-Carlton Hotels' concierges will now be commenting in the "tips" section on Foursquare to tell people what to do when they arrive. [Mashable]

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