Travel Tuesday: What's New?

Beach at the Stanza Mare Coral Comfort
Beach at the Stanza Mare Coral Comfort
  • PLAN Relax, plan a vacation. This guide will help you do just that. Do you need a week off? 3 days? How do you fit everything in? Here's how to make the most of your vacation. [New York Times]
  • BIKE In style, of course. Santa Monica's Shutters on the Beach is celebrating summer with new, green, shiny, Italian handmade bicycles for guests' use (at a cost), styled by Kate Spade. [Hotel Chatter]
  • STAY If you dare. Using lumber from dumpsters, donated building supplies and funds from her own pocket, Constance Hockaday created a floating hotel on water at the edge of Manhattan. She's calling it a boatel. [NPR]
  • SAVE A hip, design-conscious just-opened hotel in Brooklyn, New York has an attractive price tag. Just like the 20-year-olds that it will host, the Aloft Hotel designers used cheap materials from places like IKEA and Target to create a trendy, chic look without the cost. Hundreds of beautiful Oyster photos of Aloft coming soon. [Wall Street Journal]
  • SMILE You'll never wait for an elevator at the Park Hyatt Chicago. The front-desk clerks watch as people walk from the main lobby towards the elevators, and push the elevator button behind the front desk. [USA Today]

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