Travel Tuesday: What's New?

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, LA
Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, LA
  • WATCH Rumor has it the Entourage boys are staying in the Gable Lombard Penthouse Suite at the Hollywood Roosevelt. Three full-size bedrooms, a full-sized kitchen, vaulted ceilings, 1,500sq.ft. of roof deck space underneath the Hollywood Roosevelt sign, and a built-in surround system, among many other amenities are included in this bad boy. [Hotel Chatter]
  • SMILE Hate that first travel day when all you seem to do is miss your stop, lose your way, get caught in a downpour, all while jet-lagged? The New York Times helps us cheer up from those first 24-hour travel blues. [New York Times]
  • BEWARE Next time you snuggle up in a comfy hotel robe think twice before taking it with you upon check out -- a small but growing number of hotels are starting to use new radio frequency chips to keep track of their inventory. [USA Today]
  • LAUGH Seems like ordinary people aren't the only ones being laid off these days. John Travolta, whose three-minute safety cameo has been shown on every Qantas flight for the last five months, has been canned. [CNN]
  • FLY Relax, Yahoo! brings us the safest airports in America -- and we're at an all-time high. Last year's accident rate was 0.61 percent—one for every 1.6 million flights. [Yahoo! Travel]

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