Travel Tuesday: What's New?

Ameritania Hotel, New York City
Ameritania Hotel, New York City
  • PREPARE To be slightly uncomfortable. Gordon Ramsay's new reality TV show on Fox, Hotel Hell, will show audiences the ins and outs of struggling hotels - think moldy bathrooms and dirty kitchens. Very Oyster-esque. [Boston Globe]
  • PLAY Starting October 3, The Four Seasons LA will have iPad2s installed in every room. Guests will be able to make restaurant reservations, order room service, book massage at the spa, put in housekeeping requests and call up their Porsche from valet, all through the iPad. [Hotel Chatter]
  • LAMENT Over the money you've spent on "hotel fees". A recent study revealed that U.S. hotels will earn a record $1.8 billion in fees and surcharges this year. Shocking, but true -- unfortunately. [USA Today]
  • LEARN Barcelona hosted its last bullfight this past Sunday. At the end of an era, the Catalonia region celebrates animal rights. [CNN]
  • LAUGH Lady Gaga's PR reps have majorly downplayed reports that the star actually didn't switch hotels in Las Vegas because she wanted a private pool. She allegedly "doesn't care about that stuff." [SF Gate]

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