Travel Tuesday: What's New?

The ice rink at The Standard New York just opened for the season
The ice rink at The Standard New York just opened for the season
  • FLOOD Please don't stop the music, but please do stop the bath taps. Singer Rihanna forgot to turn off the faucets in her tub and flooded her $3,000-a-night suite at The Savoy in London. The room was damaged, but reparable, an inside source said. [Hotel Chatter]
  • FORGET Booking a crammed, $400 hotel room with a shared bathroom during the 2012 Olympics in London. All About Space plans to pitch tents build pop-up rooms in a park during the event to solve the problem of hotel room shortages and soaring prices. It’s only for companies, though, so better start bugging your boss. [London Evening Standard]
  • TAKE A break. Two surveys show the average US worker leaves 6.2 days of paid vacation unused every year. If you're having trouble deciding what your next destination should be, Oyster can help you. [USA Today]
  • DISCOVER Your inner travel nerd. A travel blog put together a list of 50 signs that make you a real travel geek, such as dialing 9 even when at home or having SIM cards for multiple countries. No need to mention we checked off more than just a few of those, right? [Tripbase Blog]
  • SKATE Your Christmas away at The Standard New York. The hotel just announced the opening of its winter ice rink and Alpine-themed après-skate food stand, serving hot apple cider, waffles, wine and crepes. [The Standard]

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