Travel Tuesday: What's New?

Atlantic Ocean, Beach at the One and Only Ocean Club, Bahamas
Atlantic Ocean, Beach at the One and Only Ocean Club, Bahamas
  • BREAK The piggy bank and get a close-up of the Titanic on its centennial. A company is offering a private dive in a tiny submersible for $60,000. The price includes a two-and-a-half week cruise and one eight- to 10-hour dive with two other people. [NY Times]
  • STAY At a former Iraq prison camp. Iraqi developers are revamping former US military bases and prisons, and turning them into business accommodations. Homey and cozy? Probably not. Cheap? You wish-- Rooms at Camp Bucca start at $190 per night. [Hotel Chatter]
  • WAKE UP Your senses with a unique blindfolded dining experience. Paris restaurant ‘Dans Le Noir’, opening in New York on December 9, serves guests a surprise tasting menu in a completely dark room to “re-educate [their] palates and minds”. Prices start at $49 per person without wine. [Dans Le Noir]
  • RECONSIDER What you pack next time you have to fly. An airline baggage handler tells what goes on behind the scenes (and how and why your luggage is battered) while you absentmindedly sip a can of soda at the boarding gate. Tip: You might want to take carry-on only. [Fox News]
  • SPICE UP Your relaxing baths this Christmas. The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel’s hip Spare Room has teamed up with an upscale local pharmacist to create a limited edition of exclusive cocktail-scented bath products. Gin tonic bath salts, anyone? [Grub Street LA]

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