Travel News Tuesday: What's New?

Credit: Dave Allocca/
Credit: Dave Allocca/
  • Mike Tyson awoke on NYE to rustling sounds in his room at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas and found a burglar going through his luggage. The intruder was able to escape before the ex-boxer realized what was going on. [TMZ]
  • (Sort of) Heroic start of the year for Sofia Vergara. The “Modern Family” star saw a young woman collapse while partying at the brand-new Hyde Bar at Bellagio and rushed over to help her. “I didn’t save her life! (…) I realized she was just drunk”, Vergara said after the incident. Oh well. [Access Hollywood]
  • Feeling hungry at the departure gate but don’t want to leave your seat? Or maybe your flight has been canceled? Check out this list of the travel apps that will make the lives of frequent fliers much easier. [USA Today]
  • Stop dreaming of winning one of the 10,000 free flights the Japan National Tourism Organization was giving away to jump-start tourism in the country after 2011's nuclear disaster. The organization has decided it was “insensitive” to do that “when the cities, towns and villages devastated are still in desperate need of funding for reconstruction”. [WSJ]
  • Public Hotel in Chicago just announced its first ever One Dollar Sale. The sale will go live on a secret date and will be first come, first served, so have your credit card ready-- Prospective guests have 48 hours to book a room within a 90-day period. [Hotel Chatter]

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