Travel News Tuesday: What's New?

The mess known as La Lohan. (Credit: Michael Williams/
The mess known as La Lohan. (Credit: Michael Williams/
  • After a disastrous first stay at the Chateau Marmont, Lindsay Lohan is back terrorizing the notorious Hollywood property. Reports say she partied hard last weekend, but she's denying it, obvi. []
  • Talk about in-flight entertainment: Super Bowl Champs, the New York Giants, continued to celebrate their victory on the flight back to New York City. Watch the video. Seriously. []
  • San Francisco International Airport has gone all Zen on us: The airport has built an on-site yoga studio in Terminal 2, equipped with mirrored walls and mats to borrow. []
  • Aruba is offering the Pats a serious consolation prize. So while Eli Manning hangs with Mickey, Tom Brady might be in the Caribbean. If Gisele's gonna wear a bikini, we bet the whole team shows. []
  • Atlantic City just approved a “Tourism District Master Plan” that includes facelifts for the Boardwalk and Pacific Avenue, and more nightlife at Steel Pier. Bring on the diving horse! []

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