Oyster's Fact or Fakeout: Flamingos, Hollywood, and More


The grounds at the Flamingo Las Vegas; Las Vegas, NV

1. FACT OR FAKEOUT: Gangster and original owner of the Flamingo Las Vegas, Bugsy Siegel, named the property after his favorite bird -- he had 15 of them living at his own mansion.

2. FACT OR FAKEOUT: Purchasing a lounge chair from Brown Jordan -- the exact ones bought for the pool at The Venetian Resort and Casino in Las Vegas- is more expensive than one weekend night in one of the hotel's Luxury Suites.

3. FACT OR FAKEOUT: Since the late 1950s, more movies have been filmed at the Millennium Biltmore Los Angeles than at any other hotel in the Los Angeles area.

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1. FAKEOUT! The Flamingo is actually named after Siegel's girlfriend’s super-sexy legs -- she was a show girl, after all.

2. FACT! Buying one of the Venetian pool chairs will set you back $300, but a Friday or Saturday night in a Luxury Suite goes for $269.

3. FACT! Nearly 20 movies were shot at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel since 1958, including Vertigo, King Kong and Wedding Crashers.

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