Oyster's Fact or Fakeout: Kim Kardashian's Flour Bombing, Hotels That Have Past Lives, and More


The Penthouse Roof at The Maritime Hotel; New York, NY

1. FACT OR FAKEOUT: The Maritime Hotel in New York used to be a rehab shelter and educational facility for runaways.

2. FACT OR FAKEOUT: Element Hotels give us one more reason to shed that extra pound: You can now use energy created while working out to charge your laptop’s battery.

3. FACT OR FAKEOUT: Kim Kardashian had a bag of flour tossed on her by Kris Humphries’ sister during an event for her latest fragrance's launch at The London West Hollywood.

4. FACT OR FAKEOUT: Chef Daniel Boulud made a three-foot ham sandwich for Jerry Lewis on his 86th birthday and delivered to the Hotel Plaza Athenee New York.

5. FACT OR FAKEOUT: The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas boasts the world’s tallest chocolate fountain.

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1. FACT! Though it was built in 1966 for the National Maritime Union of America (hence the portholes), the building was turned into a rehab center in 1987. After the building was purchased for renovations in 2001, it opened as its current self in 2003.

2. FACT! Element Hotels are installing bike charging stations for computers and other electronic devices in the fitness center of every one of the chain's hotels.

3. FAKEOUT! The Humphries family may have more than enough reasons to pour a pound of flour over Kim, but it was an unknown woman who took justice into her own hands. The woman was arrested but later released without facing any charges.

4. FACT! A group of French fans commissioned Boulud to make a huge jambon-beurre (literally, ham and butter), the actor’s favorite sandwich.

5. FAKEOUT! The world's tallest chocolate fountain (26 ft 3 in) is displayed at the Jean Philippe Patisserie in the Bellagio. It circulates 4,409 pounds of chocolate at a rate of 120 quarts per minute.

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