Mission Hotel Impossible: La Jolla Cove Suites -- San Diego, CA

Image courtesy of Travel Channel
Image courtesy of Travel Channel

If you've been following our recaps on Oyster of Hotel Impossible, you know one thing for sure: We really love Anthony's no-bullsh*t approach. But last night was a particularly touching episode for us to watch as not only did we get super emotional over the family-owned property, but Anthony did as well -- he spent a whole night pouring over the hotel's financials. And while burning the midnight oil, he discovered ways for the hotel to increase revenue dramatically while only dropping their prices slightly, with requisite beautification projects as well, natch. Check out our five favorite moments from last night's episode after the jump!

1. The sweet receptionist -- and her stockpile of papers.

OMG, how cute was she!?! Stephanie, the front desk staffer on hand, explained the area so well -- but with a file folder's worth of papers and pamphlets. I'm sure the background music only added to the awkwardness, but we couldn't help but feel sorry for said staffer. Melchiorri was incredulous by the time she finished explaining everything, and rightfully so, considering the vast amount of literature provided. And while the La Jolla Cove Suites does so because they have extremely limited on-site amenities, let's just say it was, errrr, a bit much.

2. Learning about salt water and its effect on metal.

I'm not sure if it's the fact that I'm not a maintenance gal myself, but I was simply impressed when Melchiorri pointed out how salt water -- and the air that comes off of it -- expedites the rusting of metal, causing rapid deteriation as well as more than a few stuck doors. But what had me the most dumbfounded was the simple solution suggested to fix the problem: Maintenance just has to paint over the metal, and on a frequent basis at that. Not that I live by the ocean, but when I do, I'll keep this tip in mind.

3. The "bed test."

Not that I'm rushing to test my own bed -- or any of those *nasty* hotel comforters -- but Melchiorri's self-coined "bed test" is applicable to use on both hotel stays and your own home bed. Basically, when you fall head first into/onto a mattress, the shock of your body should be absorbed and you should remain practically face-melted into your bed. But if you snap right back up, as Melchiorri did last night, your mattress is crapped out -- which the ones in La Jolla definitely were. Plus, what's up with the double beds in a Deluxe Suite? Where's my king, baby?

4. The hotel owner, Krista, and her two kids' resolve to re-tile the front entrance.

This episode had me bust out the Kleenex because the hotel was a true family affair -- it had been the current owner's grandfather's, that was built from scratch after he came across the Atlantic and through Ellis Island. Anything involving family property is sticky business, but Krista had resolve to preserve the entrance's tiling completed by her mother and uncle. Stepping up to the plate were her two sons. It was freaking amazing. I want kids like that.

5. Blanche Garcia's custom moldings.

Listen, we sometimes debate the merits of Blanche's choices before they're executed, but we are almost always pleasantly surprised with the outcome. She truly does have an impeccable sense of style and color. But what really stood out was the custom job Blanche and her team busted out for La Jolla Cove Suites. The wall color was gorgeous -- an ethereal pale blue -- and the moldings were simply outstanding. Blanche, wanna come re-design my shoebox-sized apartment in Greenpoint?

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